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you're my rockstar in between the sets:

eyeliner and cigarettes.

you can't hide yourself from me

Hello, I'm Coleen. Long walks on the beach and sunsets are my favourite things to do in my spare time while ponies and unicorns are possibly the best animals out there. SCREW THAT SHIT. I'm Coleen, a girl in the making who doesn't know who she is. That's what growing up is for. I'm not rebellious, being completely the opposite. Vanity Fair is my bible while Photoshopping is my hobby. Every teenage girl has a role model to look up to right? Miley Cyrus? Nope. Vanessa Hudgens? No. Who. Madonna. I prefer older women to have as role models, because.. well, they're my role models. I'm old fashioned like that. This woman inspires me and can help change me in ways I never knew would be possible. I'm usually open to anyone as a friend. Being so selective of who I show my emotions to in the past, I realized I can never grow up unless I show people the true me. And honey, you're looking right at her. Well, reading about me to say the least. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not and make myself and my life sound so much cooler and amazing than it actually is. I spill my heart out in my entries to keep my sanity from a chaotic world that I've grown to love. Do I sound like someone you'd be friends with? Click the "add" button, it's waiting.